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Snowdrops March 6 2016

With the exception of about 10 years in the Boston area, I have lived in New York all of my life, and if you know anything about New York, you know that we have some tough winters.  This year was different.  Oh, it’s been cold, but we’ve had almost no snow, and any snow we did get was gone in a day or so.  Now that may sound great, as in no shoveling (I actually love to shovel snow!), but think about it for a minute…

No snow means a lot of gray and brown.  Now add cold to that, and what do you have?  Not a pretty picture, for sure.  Indeed, I really missed the snow this year.  So although it is still pretty cold, it was comfortable enough to get out for a bit today, and look for green.  I knew these had to be there.  It’s time, after all.  And after digging around a bit, I found them!

And of course I found brown too.  This leaf made me realize that it may not be so ugly after all.

Lace Leaf March 6 2016

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    • Well, there you are!!!!! I lost so many people when my old site went “splat!” Thank you so very much for finding me. I clicked on your address, and oh my goodness, what a gorgeous new site you have. Really, Kate, it is just beautiful. I subscribed by email, so now I will be notified when you post.

      I hope that you are doing well, and enjoying “almost spring.”

      See you soon!


      On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 8:49 PM, A Sketchbook of Days wrote:



  1. Living in a sub-tropical climate, we never see snow and our winters are quite “mild”. You have found some real beauty. That second image is so delicate.


  2. I think that everyone’s winter was a little strange this year. Ours came very late, but with a vengeance! Love the splash of spring green among the shades of beige. The leaf skeleton in the second shot is just lovely.


  3. Surely there is a lesson in it all. When we find the green among the brown . Sure there are still good .

    You are still lucky to see snow . At my place, there is no snow . Some people even if you want to see snow , must go away to someone else’s country . Even to your country .

    Nice dry brown leaf photo, I Love it.


  4. What stunning photographs, wonderful friend, you always amaze and enchant me with your shots, I’m so grateful to you for it !
    So delighted to visit you here, my loving Lisa, and to get in touch with your art, I wish you a most wonderful weekend ever,
    sending love to you, with all my heart



  5. You have lived in both of my favorite cities…I love New York, but my heart is in Boston. I’m 20 miles north of the city. I think our weather is pretty similar. I’m not a big fan of brown and gray either. So nice to see your crocus’s pushing through and the lace work in your leaf…

    Thank you for your visit to my blog…it was nice to meet you…


  6. I love your macro of the leaf. I wish I had a macro lens — I’m always amazed at the skeletons that survive through winter. It is a shame about global warming for certain. The weather patterns have changed everywhere and I worry for the future. I know I said it before but I sure do love the new face to your sketchbook.


  7. Our winter was pretty much similar to yours Lisa, other than it’s a bit milder in the midwest. Actually this winter was more like the normal one here, although I have really enjoyed all the snow we’ve had the past few years. I enjoy being stuck inside the house, and the white natural blanket covering the whole earth. It’s so peaceful and quiet. Snowdrops are just the sweetest spring flowers…I hope you’ll take a photo when they bloom. Yesterday my tiny purple crocuses popped open. Love your dreamy capture!! Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend! xx


  8. What a beautiful leaf. We have had a very similar winter here with very little snow. Snow protects plants and I just hope I haven’t lost a lot ot the tender things. No snowdrops yet though!


  9. SO pretty! Love those new green shoots that you found.. I love the seasons & how things are always changing. Super hot in my part of the world at the momentas we head into autumn.


  10. I love the misty, glow-y look of both these photos. You’ve captured the feeling of that early spring magic! Just yesterday I saw the tips of a few bulbs poking up in front of the neighbor’s porch, the first green I’ve seen. Like yours, our winter has been mild with much less snow than normal, but I’m still looking forward to spring!


  11. Hi Lisa,
    I understand your view into the Wintertime. We have also a little bit snow, but no longer than one or two days. But it´s normally this area, were I live. Your photos are wonderful, both. I´m looking for the springtime.
    Best regards, Synnöve


  12. but lisa, you can make anything look special and beautiful!! my tulips are up about 6 inches already and my crocus bloomed and are now covered with snow. we had a very unusual winter, cold, windy, one blizzard and a lot of very warm days…..but i’ll take it, i wouldn’t enjoy a home without seasonal changes!!!

    so nice to see you today!!!!


  13. I know exactly what you mean, Lisa! I was raised on a farm, and though I don’t recall any discussions about snow in winter, I am well aware that here in the dry mountains, we NEED snow. It’s the source of our water during the warm dry months. Last year was terrible, and we had one of the hottest, driest–and most devastating as far as wildfires were concerned–summers in a very long time. Fortunately, we had heavier snow this winter, but the snowfall didn’t last into the month of February, as it should. Instead, we had rain, which melted some of the snowpack. As of now, we’re at “normal” for snowpack and moisture in the higher elevations. Here in our valley, things are still brown. I’m finding a few bright colors in some crocus and hyacinth bulbs I planted last fall. Maybe some macro shots of those will brighten my day! I love your choice of subjects and that beautiful edit.


  14. I am probably not the norm but I do love the colors of winter even without snow. I love the greys and browns in the landscape. I know I am weird… I love that lacy leaf and the spring greens are a good promise of what is to come. My mom always said you have to wait until after May 10th before planting because of frost. That was in VA so I imagine it is even more so in your area. With all the rain coming in on the West coast you may still see that white stuff. Love spring greens and we are well into it. So summer will be upon us and I am never ready.


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