Meet “Cheeks”

Cheeks 1 May 2016

He always arrives looking rather svelte.

Cheeks 2 May 2016

But there are so many goodies waiting for him.

Cheeks 3 May 2016

Those little cheeks look a bit different by the time he leaves.

41 thoughts

  1. Haha – I love this! It totally reminds me of my husband and his roommate in college. They had a gerbil they named Jawpacker because of the amount of cheerios he’d pack away.


  2. Lisa, he’s adorable! I have loved chipmunks since childhood and it always makes me happy to see one. Your photos are great! They are normally darting about so fast that it’s hard to “catch” them.


  3. what a darling little critter … we used to have a squirrel who visited our very urban concrete back ‘yard’ … things were good till she tried to rip through the screen .. had to stop feeding here because we were worried not just what damage she could do but that she might have fleas or worse and infect the cats!


  4. What adorable pictures of ‘cheeks’! Chipmunks are the cheekiest (in the other meaning of the word!) and most entertaining little creatures! I discovered them for the first time while visiting a National Park in Canada some years ago. I couldn’t get enough of them. Your photos express perfectly the personality of this little fellow!


    • Yes, and no. 🙂
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      Thank you for your visit!! xo.

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  5. Lisa, these are magnificent photographs of this wonderful animal. We know that you were there but it seems that this beautiful critter doesn’t see you. Great and so special!

    Wish you a nice weekend!


  6. How could you catch him so perfectly, so near … he isn’t afraid of you at all … how wonderful, my sweet Lisa !

    May your weekend be filled with joy, precious friend of mine,
    sending my dearest love to you,
    with so much thankfulness

    xox ~ Dany


  7. What is up with all these freeloading critters?!?! heheh…you will understand that comment better when you visit my place 😀

    What a cutie, you really captured the best of him!!!!


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